Next Meeting

On May 19 SEARCH received a Community Letter from Tonia Hale, CEO/CNO of Blue Ridge Regional Hospital, giving us an update on the status of the hospital and their plans for returning to standard operations during this ever-evolving pandemic. Read the letter below.

Diane Creek, Director of the Toe River Health District which serves Yancey, Mitchell, and Avery County, spoke at the March 10 SEARCH meeting and gave us an update about the Cornavirus here in North Carolina. Look for the meeting minutes for details about what she said.
Meanwhile, if you or someone you know has a question they would like answered, you can send email to the email addresses listed below. Diane plans to review those questions, pull identifying info from them, and post the answers on Facebook. Folks that don’t have a Facebook account can request that an answer be sent back to their email address.




Across the region served by Mission Health System a series of public meetings occurred in January and February 2020 with the Independent Monitor company Gibbons Advisors that is tasked with ensuring that HCA lives up to the commitments they made when they purchased Mission Health System in Feb. 2019.

Below is a link to an Asheville Citizen Times article describing the various ways you can give your own feedback on the service you and your family have received.

7 Ways to Make Your Voice Heard