Mission Statement:

To promote safe, quality, affordable, local healthcare for the people of Mitchell and Yancey Counties.

Organizational Goals:

  1. To preserve, strengthen, and expand access to essential medical services in our area.
  2. To engage in conversations about community health in which all voices are heard.
  3. To empower greater involvement by local residents in decisions affecting our healthcare.
  4. To monitor and communicate the effects of changes in local healthcare services and engage with providers as issues arise.


We invite everyone to get involved

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, May 1st, 7pm

First Baptist Church


For all meetings and related events:  Visit Here


Questions? Concerns? Looking for information?
Perhaps you have a story to share.

Consider what services you want your hospital to provide and help determine how these services can be supported.

We want to hear from you.
Thank you!


P.O. Box 51
Burnsville, NC 28714

General:  searchwnc (at) gmail.com