Call to Action ~ Community Healthcare Fund


Mountain Community Health Partnership (Celo Health Center, Bakersville Community Health Center and Spruce Pine Health Center) are part of a national system of community health centers that depend on federal assistance to provide care to people who are uninsured and low income. If congress does not act before the end of September, 70% of our federal funding will be cut. That will result in a drastic reduction in our ability to do our jobs.

We also depend heavily on the National Health Service Corp which provides loan repayment programs for medical providers that practice in rural areas that struggle to have sufficient medical providers. This program is currently slated to be eliminated. Every doctor and nurse practitioner and physician assistant that I know has benefited from this program. Our ability to recruit and retain medical providers will be severely damaged without this program. This applies to ALL practices in our area, not just MCHP.

If this concerns you, please call, email, tweet our members of congress.

Key Information:

-In a matter of days, every Health Center in America faces a funding cliff.
-On September 30, the Community Health Centers Fund will expire – this fund currently accounts for 70% of our Health Center federal funding, and ALL funding for critical workforce programs: the National Health Service Corps and Teaching Health Centers program.
-A Continuing Resolution does NOT automatically extend this funding – Congress needs to specifically act to extend it.
-We cannot afford the uncertainty that missing this deadline (or a short-term extension) will bring. We need to be able to recruit providers, secure bank loans, and plan.
-We need the help of all of our representatives to get this done.

13 days remain until the Health Center Funding Cliff becomes a reality. If Congress fails to act to fix Health Center Funding Cliff – a 70% reduction to Program funding –  9 million patients that could lose access to care, 2,800 Health Center sites that could close, and more than 51,000 Health Center jobs that could be lost. We cannot afford to have Congressional inaction – literal lives are at stake!

Today is National Cliff Call-In Day 

Make Your Call Right Now – by dialing the toll free Advocacy Hotline: 1-866-456-3949.

First: Select Your Senators and ask that they co-sign the Blunt-Stabenow Health Center Cliff Letter. If they have already signed (go to the HCAdvocacy site to view signers) – say THANK YOU and then demand that they take immediate action to fix the cliff!

Next: Select Your Representative and ask that they co-sponsor H.R. 3770, the CHIME Act – if they have already co-sponsored, say THANK YOU and then demand that they take immediate action to fix the cliff!

You’ll be prompted to enter your zip code and the system will give the option to select each of your Members of Congress. Make sure to call the Advocacy Hotline 3 times to connect to each Member of Congress! You can access simple call directions and call script on the HCAdvocacy Network website. For more information on the Health Center Funding Cliff please read the latest NACHC blog post.

The only way to move Congress to act is to let them know Health Center Advocates back home simply won’t stand for anything less. The only way to send that unmistakable message is with thousands of calls, messages and posts from back home. Don’t let Congress delay action any longer – demand that they make Health Centers a priority and demand that they take action immediately to fix the cliff.

The future of the Health Center Program depends on your advocacy


*this information shared from the Health Center Advocacy Network*