What SEARCH can learn from the ReCONNECT Rural & Urban forum

SEARCH members have been looking into successful projects that have been done in other communities.  One source for such information is material that is available from NC State University’s Institute for Emerging Issues.  They conducted a “Reconnect Rural and Urban” forum in Raleigh on February 11, 2019; here’s a link to the Agenda.

Happily videos of the materials presented are available to view online for those of us that didn’t attend.  Two presentations that particularly caught our attention are listed below.

  • Philanthropic Community Response – the speakers were:
    • Dan Gerlach, President, Golden LEAF Foundation
    • Karl Stauber, President and CEO, Danville Regional Foundation
      • Some quotes from Karl –
        • “Start where the community is, rather than where you want them to be”
        • “Communities without hope will not prosper”
        • “Funders want to hear about how you’re going to create change”
        • “Small grants are about building hope; large grants are about creating change
    • Jennifer Tolle Whiteside, President and CEO, NC Community Foundation
      • Some quotes from Jennifer –
        • “Bring funders and philanthropy to the table at the beginning rather than at the end”
        • “We need to see ourselves and each other both as donors and beneficiaries”
    • View the 23-minute video here
  • The Five Community Initiatives – the initiatives discussed were:
    • Carolina Core
    • Growing Outdoors WNC
    • Project Empathy
    • Project 40
    • View the 25-minute video here

But don’t just take our word for parts of the program that are interesting.  Check out the full agenda and see what else might pique your interest.