Winning the War on Poverty – The Canadians are doing it, we’re not.

In this David Brooks article he says:

“According to recently released data, between 2015 and 2017, Canada reduced its official poverty rate by at least 20 percent. Roughly 825,000 Canadians were lifted out of poverty in those years, giving the country today its lowest poverty rate in history.

How did it do it?

The overall economy has been decent but not robust enough to explain these striking outcomes. Instead, one major factor is that Canadians have organized their communities differently. They adopted a specific methodology to fight poverty.”

One of the biggest issues we have here in western North Carolina is poverty.  Read the article at the link below to understand how a multi-sector comprehensive approach was used to enable systems that were mutually supporting to enact change on a population level.

2019.04.04 Winning the War on Poverty – David Brooks

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