Mitchell and Yancey County Voices for Health

This page is dedicated to presenting a series of quotes from hundreds of residents of Mitchell and Yancey Counties recorded by SEARCH in numerous Community Conversations beginning in the Fall of 2018.  These conversations took place at a variety of locations such as churches, senior centers, fire departments, community centers, schools, and other organizations dedicated to helping the residents of our counties.

We began each session with the open-ended question:  What is on your mind about health and health care?  We asked additional questions as each session proceeded.

The quotes are organized under the categories of the Social Determinants of Health which are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age that shape health.  Some quotes relate to multiple categories and thus may appear in more than one blog post.

Your health is determined by many factors and surprisingly most of them are not directly related to health care.  Please see the purple slice of the pie chart below, which shows that on average only 10% of our overall health is determined by our health care; there are many other factors that affect us!  Our on-going Community Conversations will include health care but will focus on the wider range of factors driving overall health.

Determinants of Overall Health Pie Chart

Source: We Can Do Better – Improving the Health of the American People, The New England Journal of Medicine, September 2007

If you have questions or are interested in organizing a group to meet for a Community Conversation with SEARCH, please contact us at