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and Guess what! We have a rock star! A clip from Melissa Bryant’s (owner of KB’s BBQ in Spruce Pine ) interview on WYFF is featured! Way to go Melissa. and thanks to Full Frontal with Samantha Bee . We need more coverage of such a basic need and right as healthcare. We appreciate you.



An American Sickness by Elisabeth Rosenthal

NC Legislative Research Commission(LRC) – Study Committee on Access to Healthcare in Rural NC.

The Legislative Research Commission’s Committee on Access to Healthcare in Rural North Carolina (LRC)(2017) met four times after the 2017 Regular Session.  It was charged with studying issues surrounding the access rural communities in North Carolina have to health care. As part of the study, the Committee was to consider the following:
1. The physician shortage in North Carolina and its impact on medically underserved areas in the state;
2. Potential solutions to address the shortage and its impacts, including approaches used by other states facing similar issues; and
3. Availability of eye care in rural communities and ways to increase provision of related services.

The materials from each of the four meetings can be found below.

2018.01.08 LRC Meeting Materials

2018.02.15 LRC Meeting Materials

2018.03.15 LRC Meeting Materials

2018.04.18 Final Meeting – Draft Committee Report